Friday, May 28, 2010


Everyday, our women are exerting their creativity in the One Mango Office and I've come to see what a crucial and important aspect of our lives it is to find ways to be creative. There's also something so sweet and personal about DIY (do-it-yourself, in case you haven't got the bug). We, at One Mango Tree, support anything of the sort!

Today, we want to show you something we're so excited to test out ourselves. While perusing one of the best craft-friendly sites in existence, Etsy, I tripped over a woman named Janelle Tompkins (definitely visit her store!) who recycles old thrift-store books and transforms them into journals. Brilliant!

If you'd rather make this yourself than buy it, we found a STELLAR resource for how to bind and create your own recycled, earth-friendly journal.

HOW TO: make a journal from an old book!

Get your thrifting on and show us your creations... I know I'm about to do the same.

Friday, May 14, 2010


Have you ever had that good friend that digs up all of the most incredible, crafty, interesting bits on the web? We at One Mango Tree have an affinity for amazing blogs and in celebration of handmade, fair trade, and women... we want to share with you some of the things we like EVERY FRIDAY. You're welcome to start looking forward to it, mark your calendars, tell a friend, and share your ideas with us if you'd like to see them featured. Enjoy!

We're big fans of this vintage-inspired way to send your love with a message in a bottle... she'll typewrite your message of choice (hello! amazing.), seal it with wax, stick it inside a glass bottle, and ship it to your best friend, your mother, your dreamy boyfriend...

Available through Miniature Rhino in her ETSY store. Great work, lady!

Sneak Peak: Our Organic Cotton

One Mango Tree lovers and supporters - we've got a sweet sneak peak for you! Halle, Gihan, and I (the OMT Uganda team) took an exclusive tour to hang with our friends at Phenix, the premiere warehouse for organic cotton production, here in Uganda. We have lots of details for you but before we share it all, here's a sneak peak at our experience yesterday...

We were exposed to the ENTIRE process of creating this cotton - here's the first and last step. Pretty incredible, eh?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Celebrating Moms and Fair Trade

This year we get to celebrate World Fair Trade day and Mother's Day all on the same weekend!

We're excited to bring you some deep discounts for Mother's Day - think Aprons for $5, Coin Purses for $2 and Weekenders for $10!

Over here in Uganda, we're spending the holiday weekend packing up our Summer Collection to send it your way - new bags fresh from the fabric markets, Sseko strappy sandals and our very first organic cotton knit clothing line! You won't believe your eyes!

So, make sure to really celebrate your Mom this year, and while you're at it, celebrate World Fair Trade Day too. Think about all the ways that buying fair trade makes a difference.


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