Thursday, April 21, 2011

Mango Season Semi-Annual Sale!

Every April, everyone's eyes are on the trees in Gulu, waiting for the little mangoes to ripen from soft green to golden yellow. The day has come, and right along with it is The Mango Season Semi-Annual Sale. That's 50% off your favorite handbags, aprons, headbands, yoga bags, lunch bags, eye pillows, and more! Check out our sale page to see all the deals!

Just about everything is on sale!

We're clearing the shelves for Spring/Summer 2011, which will hit our online store very soon. Stay tuned!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things We Love Fridays: Sseko Sandals

Today's "Things We Love Fridays" is coming on Saturday because of a four-day power outage the city has decided to bestow upon it's citizens. You can imagine how thrilled we all are. 

Last year we joined up with Sseko Designs to begin supporting their endeavors and promoting one of the cutest products we have seen in Uganda: Ssek Sandals

The women who make these shoes work in Kampala, about five hours from our workshop in Gulu.
We love these sandals because they’re adorable, fair trade, and so versatile. You can see the video on our blog of different ways to tie them, or make up your own way. They can be easy and comfortable or intricate and trendy. The possibilities are endless.

The money from these sandals goes towards the empowerment of women through education. By purchasing these sandals you are helping Uganda up their count of female doctors, lawyers, and professionals.

We are currently selling them for $42 on our website.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

April Giveaway: Coffee Break Hobo Bag

Get ready friends! This month’s giveaway is our newly updated handbag, the "Coffee Break Hobo Bag" (a $32 value!). We have added new details {cute twisted handles} and changed to a more stylish shape we know you’ll love {big and slouchy}. It’s a perfect, comfortable, throw-over-your-shoulder bag for every day, and it's neutral enough pattern to wear with anything and everything. The print is inspired by the fabrics found in African markets, and we make the fabric locally from organic cotton grown in Northern Uganda.

To win this adorable new bag, all you have to do is help us spread the word about One Mango Tree. Here's how to do it:
  1. Mention us on Twitter
  2. Mention us in your Facebook status
  3. Talk about One Mango Tree on your blog
If you mentioned us on Twitter, you're all set, if it's a Facebook or blog post, leave a comment here so we can find it and enter you. We value any help we can get promoting One Mango Tree's work and sending out positive messages for our products. Thanks you so much in advance for all the love you send our way this month!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Things We Love Friday: Scented Eye Pillows

What is a scented eye pillow, you ask? And why do you need one? Let me tell you. Weighted eye pillows help relax the eye muscles, which then triggers a relation response in check muscles, jaw, chin, and neck. They are perfect for savasana, the final resting pose of your yoga practice, or for use instead of messy cucumbers or wet tea bags that are also very good for relaxation, aging, stress, and wrinkles.

Our eye pillows block out light, and relax your muscles. They are ideal for meditation, massage therapy, resting fatigued eyes, and napping. When combined with essential oils they offer a therapeutic value perfect for physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual health.

They can be kept in your dresser drawer, infusing a fresh scent into your intimates or tank tops. Ours are so cute they can be left out in your bedroom as a reminder to take those daily minutes of meditation and rest – so important for vitality of the whole body.

The weight is gentle and relaxing, the fabric is soothing and calming, and the texture is soft and luxurious. They are easy to wash, and scents are refillable as needed.
They are filled with a chamomile and lavender scent, picked straight from an organic herb garden in Uganda.

Smell is the strongest sense we have and millions have experienced the therapeutic value of aromatherapy. Our eye pillows are currently on sale from $15 to $10.50! Order your One Mango Tree eye pillow today and enjoy the fragrance and feel of relaxation.


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