Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ohio State's Knowlton School of Architecture kicks off Uganda Studio!

On April 6, Ohio State began a 10-week collaborative architecture studio. Fourteen architecture students are spending spring quarter designing a green, off-the-grid production facility for One Mango Tree tailors in Gulu, Uganda. I'm facilitating the communication between students and tailors, using a blog, photography and design charettes with the tailors as the students develop their designs, taking measures to consider climate, materials and the rich cultural heritage of northern Uganda. Our tailors are in a cramped market stall in Gulu. One of One Mango Tree's major goals is to create a healthy and safe work environment for our tailors - which means moving them out of their current space and into a much larger and more comfortable place on the outskirts of town. We're currently on the hunt for the right piece of land for our project, which will house production and training space for thirty tailors, as well as a small daycare, kitchen and guesthouse.

And of course, there will be a mango tree right in the front yard.

Look for more updates as we develop the partnerships necessary to make this facility a reality.

Interested in investing in the construction of One Mango Tree's production facility? Email me at halle@onemangotree.com.

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