Sunday, May 17, 2009

Spring Break in Gulu

Auma Lucy's daughter Ruth, Ayel-Rwot Ruth, primary 7 at Mary Imaculate
photo credit Pete Muller

Spring break came to a close this week in Gulu as students packed up their trunks and school bags and headed back to class for the next term. This is an exciting term for the children of our One Mango Tree tailors - we're launching our school fees stipend program, which provides a lump sum payment to our tailors for each school term. We've been collecting donation gifts from our online shop, as well as funds raised from events for the past six months. I'm happy to announce that between donation gifts and profits, our school fees program is now sustainable.

For each child in nursery school, tailors receive $15 per term. For primary school students, the stipend is $25, and for secondary school it is $50. For most of our tailors' children, this fully covers the costs of their school fees, which greatly reduces the cost burden - allowing our tailors' salaries to go further at home. It also gives the tailors some leverage to improve their child's education, as they can also use the stipend to reduce the costs of sending the child to the best school available. Lucy chooses to do so, sending a some of the older orphaned boys that she cares for to vocational programs so that they can learn a trade.

We offer the school fees program to our tailors after they've worked with One Mango Tree consistently for one year, and we monitor the program by requiring that tailors submit receipts to verify payment, and we also collect report cards to review at the end of each term. For more detailed information on development and implementation of our program, contact us at

Interested in supporting the program? Check out our donation gifts section and give the gift of education.

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