Thursday, June 25, 2009

One Mango Tree Sales Event at Meyers Architects

One Mango Tree invite for event at Meyers Architects in Columbus, OH

Keri Ours and Molly Bryant, architects at Meyers Architects in Columbus, Ohio, put on an awesome One Mango Tree event yesterday. Instead of hosting a party with actual merchandise, they took advantage of all of the online info about One Mango Tree. They put together a slide show of images, presented on the mission using info from the Learn section of the website, printed out product photos and prices, and then set up ordering stations using computers in their office.

checking out product images and prices

To top it off, everyone brought mango-inspired snacks: mango lassies, mango salsa, cookies and cakes, and invited staff and friends to come in for a different kind of work event - to shop, learn and do good.

enjoying the mango-inspired snacks

" was a great reason to get together and celebrate what One Mango Tree is doing to help people in Uganda."

Everyone left the event with a mango - stamped with One Mango Tree's logo and information for ordering products:

What a great idea! Want to plan your own One Mango Tree event at work? Send an email to for more information.

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