Friday, July 3, 2009

Movin on up

It was over some caffeine at Good African Coffee that I hashed out the final details of the lease and signed off, passing the thick document back to Norbert, my new landlord. He was heading off to Gulu that afternoon with a truck full of tile to get working on finishing up the building in time for our move-in date - July 1.

I came across this compound last year while working on a consulting assignment - back then it was broken down and a different shade of Easter egg - bright blue - with lots of stains from the rainy season. I never forgot the place, and while working on another consultancy this year, I stopped by again. It's just outside town, and totally spacious, and Norbert was making great strides in the renovation. The modernist building was constructed during the 70s, and sits between ACDI/VOCA's food security program office and a bombed out building that housed a soldiers mess hall during Amin's regime.

It's about a 20 minute walk from downtown Gulu, but just far enough outside the hustle and bustle that there's a definitive peacefulness in the air - a noisy quiet that is so seldom found, combined with a golden hue from the setting sun and the whispering breeze through the leafy trees in the back. The place just has something about it...what a magical place to work. We have some big plans for the space, so stay tuned.

Greater Good is providing support on the rent, and coinciding with the move in, we're starting up training and production of an exlusive line of organic cotton knit apparel for Global Girlfriend.

Check out the photos! We move in early next week.

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