Sunday, November 8, 2009

where'd you get those beads?

Actually, they're seeds. Our Jewelry Collection is an eco-friendly selection of necklaces crafted from natural materials. Our beads are actually seeds collected from the bush surrounding Gulu Municipality. Wawoto Kacel artisans earn extra income by gathering the seeds and bringing them in for production. Like any natural materials, the seeds are seasonal.

After collection, the seeds are inspected and then drilled to make room for the cord used to make our necklaces. Even our necklace closures are crafted form seeds-turned-beads.

Have you heard of the famous Jacaranda trees lining the streets of Johannesburg, South Africa? They shower beautiful purple blooms on the streets during Jacaranda season. Our Jacaranda Blooms Necklace is made from the unique seed pod left behind after the flowers fall.

Other seed varieties include Eucalyptus and Mahogany, and others are known only by their local names - like Kilara - pictured above left (Kilara Spiral) and Lajok Ocol (Ebony Strands). Our Moonlit Nile Necklace (right) combines all different varieties with the sparkle of glass seed beads.

Learn more about the artisans who make our Jewelry Collection here.

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