Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Day at the Owino Market

Here at One Mango Tree, I’ve discovered that one of the most exhausting but extraordinarily rewarding times of the season is spent searching for the brand new fabrics our women use on the items they continually sew and create. Updating our fabrics gives us the much-needed freedom to move with the seasons and consistently release new items, thus empowering our women and giving them ownership through sustainability and a regular, fair-trade income.

There’s really only one place in Uganda that we can find the fabrics we use... and that’s Owino Market. Choosing fabrics may sound easy but to be frank, it’s a tough job. In all its’ glory, the infamous Owino lies in the heart of Kampala and is an absolute circus of people, second hand gems (if you dig long enough!), and our favorite - local fabrics. When we say circus of people, we mean it - the streets are absolutely cluttered and everything begins to look the same after you’ve spent an hour or two wandering the streets.

Last week, I was introduced to what it felt like to be knee-deep in the process of finding Spring fabrics for our favorite ladies. It took three of us, lots of serious hunting, endless amounts of walking, two full 8-hour days, and our not-so-shabby bargaining skills to emerge with the brand new Spring 2010 fabrics. Needless to say, we at One Mango Tree are more than excited for you to see and wear the treasures the women are making for the upcoming season and for the ways in which their lives are sincerely being transformed your purchases.

Thank you for being apart of our story and get ready to be inundated with brand new media and stories!

- Your new friend, Lauranne

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