Saturday, April 9, 2011

Things We Love Fridays: Sseko Sandals

Today's "Things We Love Fridays" is coming on Saturday because of a four-day power outage the city has decided to bestow upon it's citizens. You can imagine how thrilled we all are. 

Last year we joined up with Sseko Designs to begin supporting their endeavors and promoting one of the cutest products we have seen in Uganda: Ssek Sandals

The women who make these shoes work in Kampala, about five hours from our workshop in Gulu.
We love these sandals because they’re adorable, fair trade, and so versatile. You can see the video on our blog of different ways to tie them, or make up your own way. They can be easy and comfortable or intricate and trendy. The possibilities are endless.

The money from these sandals goes towards the empowerment of women through education. By purchasing these sandals you are helping Uganda up their count of female doctors, lawyers, and professionals.

We are currently selling them for $42 on our website.

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