Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

At One Mango Tree, work and mothering are often one and the same. Alice does her best to care for the smallest kiddos, but moms will pop in and out of the workshop to feed their babies and give them some love and attention. Just like moms the world over, the One Mango Tree tailors put their children first, doing everything they can to keep food on the table and school fees paid.

Betty chases naked little Obama, who escaped after his bath

Lawill Margret holds Ogen Rwot Alex, just after feeding him lunch

Anena Betty and Obama, her youngest

We know that moms all over the world work so hard to see their children thrive and succeed. We're spending this week honoring the One Mango Tree ladies, and of course thinking of our own moms and everything they've done to make us who we are. Are you ready for Mother's Day?

We're going to sweeten the deal and give you FREE SHIPPING on orders of $30 of more - you have two days to take advantage of this offer (ends midnight May 4th) before Mother's Day. Get your mom a token of appreciation - and there's no better way than to support the moms at One Mango Tree!

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