Monday, November 7, 2011

Inspired: Louise's story

I asked Louise to share her story - the reason behind giving away her $150 fair trade giveaway in October, and the inspiration behind our BIG Gratitude Giveaway for November. Here it is:

I do Angel Tree, it's for kids who will not have a Christmas, some of their wants are super silly, but I pick the needs you can see they really do need clothes, want something pretty. When someone writes on Angel Tree "new socks, new clothes, hair stuff" and not "give me a wii," you know they want and need it. They write down their wishes and their sizes. I never get to meet them, but know in my heart, I may be bringing confidence into a person's life for school with new clothes, something fun, something funky. Also we do senior homes and send gifts to the servicemen overseas. 

There is a lady on twitter who got me even more motivated to help, we are both cancer survivors, its a good way to say thanks to God and pay it forward. I believe in karma and believe in so giving giving back, sharing what you have. You can't take it with you so why be so greedy in life, share - we are all a team here (yes she embedded that thought into me too),  working to make a better place. Lets stop thinking ME ME ME and start thinking  WE WE WE. 

I thank you for the giveaway, and letting me share what I have, thats why I enter to share a little more, so thank you.  Hope all Pay it forward this season, thinking about what they can give not get, well for me I get alot back in my heart and spirit. God Bless you!

Thank you, Louise! 

Psst...Love that image at the top? Me too - found it here.

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