Thursday, February 4, 2010

tea break becomes peace break

Violence is something the women of One Mango Tree know too much about - both from the 20+ years of warfare in this region and from domestic violence so often directed at Ugandan women. Participation in the 64-day campaign, Season for Peace and Nonviolence, is a way to affirm belief in the possibility of a peaceful world and to realize the important role each person plays in moving toward that goal.

Above left, a photo of One Mango Tree staff participating in a peace candle lighting to kick off 64 Days.

The Season was born about 12 years ago in the United States, out of the wish of the descendants of Mohandas K. Gandhi and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., to encourage widespread daily practice of the basic nonviolence principles taught by the two great reformers and peacemakers. The assassination date of Gandhi (January 30) and King (April 4) mark the beginning and closing of the campaign.

During the 9 weeks, tea break at One Mango Tree will also be a 'peace break,' with attention given to a simple-but-powerful practice such as gratitude, self-forgiveness, patience, integrity, service, or creativity. The first week focuses on respecting and loving ourselves, since that's where peace must begin. Visit to download all 64 practices or to sign up to receive them as daily email mini-lessons.

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