Saturday, February 6, 2010

come on...

This year for Valentine's Day, we're kicking off our "Share the Love" campaign. It started as a fun product made from our scrap fabric and herbs. However, the favorite holiday of lovebirds happens to fall around the same time as the new year's first school term in Uganda. In our workshop, that means that among our ladies, 84 children will be hurried off to nursery, primary or secondary school this month. This send-off is a labor of love, even more so when you learn that almost half of these children are orphans - children of relatives, friends and neighbors who were killed during the war.

One Mango Tree helps our tailors with school fees - providing $15 per term for nursery, $25 for primary and $50 for secondary.

So, to celebrate a much-loved holiday, we're suggesting that you Share the Love - buy a cute little heart sachet for your sweetheart, friend, mom, sister, grandma - and 100% of the price (minus the labor we paid Concy to make the hearts) will help us pay school fees.

And remember, you can Share the Love all year round. There's always room for another heart.


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