Monday, July 26, 2010

Our Organic Cotton fabrics

At One Mango Tree, we exist and believe fully in the impact that's made when people are valued, appreciated, and paid well for their talent and energy. This means not only providing our incredible Acholi women with sustainable monthly incomes, school fees for their children, and personal development but also being intentional with the other individual lives behind our supply chain. We want to make every effort possible to use fabrics that will positively impact the world around us and all the organic cotton we use at One Mango Tree is grown without harmful chemicals through the use of eco-friendly farming techniques by farmers in northern Uganda. Thus, it is 100% grown and sewn within Uganda through all levels of supply chain - beginning with the raw organic cotton, continuing with our partners who print our designs on the fresh fabric, to our talented ladies who sew everything at fair-trade wages, ending with your purchase and the way you share & continue the story.

Halle, Gihan, and I, accompanied by the wonderful Butvin family, had a phenomenal experience actually seeing our One Mango Tree fabrics in production this past weekend... and we want to share it all with you!

We took a quick tour to see our brand new fabric being created...

This white organic fabric (above) is woven by powerlooms
using the yarn that began as raw organic cotton.

We were able to watch as a rotary screenprinter
turned the plain white fabric into...


The fabric continues through a dryer and results in this beautiful,
never-ending piece of organic goodness. It makes it's way to our
ladies in northern Uganda who hand-sew and create all of our products.

Pretty incredible, right?

Changing lives from the seed to your very hands.

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Iris Gonyea said...

wow, this is really cool. i'm impressed with your commitment to not only pay fair wages, but to use organic product, and make a positive impact at each stop along the way of sourcing and manufacturing.


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