Tuesday, July 13, 2010

We are Okay.

If you've caught the news or spoken with friends, it's likely you've heard about the recent terrorist attacks that took place Sunday night in Uganda. We, as an organization, are collectively mourning the deaths of 75 local ugandans as well as a dear American friend of ours Nate Henn, who spent the past few years raising funding and awareness for secondary students in Uganda. As many innocent locals and foreigners came together to enjoy the final game of the World Cup, it's reported that Somalian suicide bombers from Al-Shabab (linked with Al Qaida) entered two separate venues and devastated the crowds.

We are appreciative of all of your concerns and so thankful to share that our ladies and staff in Uganda are all very safe. We're just experiencing a glimpse of the heartache this country has experienced in the past but together, we're all hopeful and standing united amidst these painful losses.

In times like these, we're reminded just how greatly needed consistency, love, and sustainability are here. We encourage you to share this story with friends and family and to continue supporting as we pursue employing and empowering these 30 phenomenal women.

If you're interested in reading more about the Kampala terrorist attacks, you can do so here.

With gratitude,
the One Mango Tree team

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