Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Power of Encouragement

"I got my bag and I love it! Those women
are so talented. My support is forever.
- Cheryl from Florida, USA

You know, it's tremendous the effect that encouragement can have on an individual. Just think about it... has there been a monumental person in your life who is always cheering for you, someone you can count on to lift you up when you need it? It can transform an entire workplace when the employees are motivated by belief in their abilities to succeed rather than fear of making a mistake.

We want this to be true now more than ever with our hard-working ladies here in Uganda. They need encouragement just as much as the next individual. Recently, we decided to jot a customer's awesome review on the ladies' chalkboard to see if it could be a motivating factor.

We couldn't believe the response; because they're so far away from the US and our customers, they hadn't even heard a real specific review of their products. The women burst into a choir of cheers and claps, as if someone had just won the lottery. Seeing sincere smiles and laughs on the faces of our ladies is one of my favorite joys of working at One Mango Tree. It makes it all real, acknowledging the beauty of the human emotion and living life with them.

In a culture that has experienced so much oppression and discouragement, these small acts of love on behalf of our customers create sweet, sweet moments. If you have a comment or review you'd like to share with our ladies, simply leave your comment here! We promise we'll share it with them!

xo lauranne


sweettreehugger said...

I knew that One Mango Tree would be at the DC Green Festival this month, so I saved my money all year. Instead of buying plastic junk at the chain stores, I waited and saved up for your well-made, beautiful bags. I bought purses for every woman on my Christmas list (and several for myself). I work at an environmental nonprofit, so I don't make much money and I really appreciate that you offer such high-quality things at a price I can afford.

hmb said...

:) this makes me SO happy, and I know it will make the ladies happy too! Thank you for being such an incredible supporter of what we do!
xo Halle


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