Thursday, November 4, 2010

FEATURED: Dallas Clayton + An AWESOME World

We know we're not in the business of children's books or even childrenswear (as of yet!) but we think every human being should read this book. Dallas Clayton is a fabulous author who's been traveling the country with the belief that children and people everywhere should rekindle the ability to dream - really dream - about the world, our lives, and how whimsical they can be if we let them.

So, here's our ode to Dallas and the movement of dreamers he's encouraging to make the world a better place by loving the people in it. The heart of this book is why we at One Mango Tree do what we do - we're dreaming of a better life for those who deserve it. We want to be dreamers of big dreams and we want to empower others with the opportunity to dream big dreams here in northern Uganda.

IDEA: For the Holidays, why not wrap up a One Mango Tree handbag and a copy of Dallas' book "An Awesome World" and give it to a dreamer near you? The best of both worlds - idea and action.

Take a look at the entire book on his website.

xo lauranne

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