Friday, May 20, 2011

Using Fair Trade principles to empower women in Uganda

Cross-posted from OMT Founder Halle Butvin's personal blog, Locus Amoenus

Last November, I had the incredible opportunity to give a talk about One Mango Tree at the Library of Congress. Since Fair Trade Month had just concluded, I decided to focus the talk on the principles of Fair Trade, and how One Mango Tree uses those principles to create sustainable income for women in Uganda.

The video is a long one, but it's the equivalent to meeting me for a cup of coffee to learn about how and why One Mango Tree got started. My presentation begins at 8:25. I hope you enjoy it! xo Halle


Roxanne said...

A beautiful initiative and a beautifully told story. Thank you, Halle, for sharing it and congrats on doing so at such a wonderful forum!

Eve said...

Thanks Halle! We have to have you come back and talk about the developments of One Mango Tree! I am still just buying, buying, buying your stuff, but knowing where it comes from, and seeing the names of the women who made them, makes me feel better about blowing the paycheck. You are welcome to come back to the Library any time you want to. It was our distinct pleasure!


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