Monday, March 30, 2009

Greater Goodness Gulu Gracious

I met Tim Kunin, CEO and co-founder of at the California Gift Show in Los Angeles. Tim was the shining star in an otherwise depressing four days in the basement of the LA Convention Center. After talking fair trade over Brazilian BBQ in LA, we've since walked the grounds of the NY Gift Show in New York City, shared a 9-hour bus ride from Kigali to Kampala, and battled tsetse flies on the journey from Murchison Falls to Kampala.

Greater Good is a network of websites ( is one of them) that raise money for various causes. There are a number of ways that they do this, but one of the most significant is through retail sales. The Greater Good team travels the world looking for unique fair trade crafts. They then purchase them wholesale and sell them in their online marketplace, giving a portion of the proceeds to the various causes they support.

Greater Good is now One Mango Tree's biggest customer, and Tim spent a couple of days in Gulu with the tailors, brainstorming some new product ideas and visiting potential sites for our production facility. He also got a taste of the Acholi culture with a dinner out at Lucy's place - complete with cassava, malakwang, millet bread and lots of beef and chicken stew.

Check out some of Greater Good's sites, and be on the lookout for One Mango Tree products - the ladies in Gulu are hard at work on their first order!

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