Monday, March 16, 2009

Momenta Workshop in Gulu

One Mango Tree has been lucky enough to work with some incredible photographers in the past year. Shortly after arriving in Uganda, I received an email for Jamie Rose, from Momenta Workshops, asking if One Mango Tree was in need of professional photography [free of charge]. Momenta was getting ready to run a workshop in northern Uganda, and needed an organization to pair with one of their photographers. I quickly accepted, knowing the value of beautiful images to promote One Mango Tree's work.

Momenta Workshops connects journalists and media experts from around the world to create a network with common interests, filling the void current media institutions cannot by getting photographers out to the field to hone their skills, perfect their craft, and carry on the mission of journalistic integrity.

What does this look like on the ground? From March 8-15, photographer Stephanie Makosky traveled to Gulu and spent a week with the One Mango Tree tailors, capturing their work and personal lives, to tell their story through images. I've updated the One Mango Tree website with Stephanie's beautiful product shots, and you'll see her work wherever you see things written about One Mango Tree. It was an incredible experience having her in Gulu for the week; my favorite shot is one that took her hours to perfect - perched on a table looking down at the workshop.

Interested in learning more about Momenta Workshops? Check out their website to learn about upcoming programs. Interested in doing photography for One Mango Tree? We're always looking for talented photographers, both in Uganda (for documenting our work) and in the United States (to photograph our products for the website and promotions). Send me an email at

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