Saturday, March 14, 2009

Retailer Profile: Santa Barbara Museum of Art

Sometime in 2007, while researching the history of wax-print fabrics in Africa, I came across the work of London-born Nigerian artist, Yinka Shonibare (artist, left). I was immediately drawn to his sculptures, both for the ironic use of wax-print, and the way in which his figures mocked other works from the colonial period (see dueling ladies below).

At the California Gift Show, I connected with the buyer from the Santa Barbara Museum of Art - from March 14 - June 21, 2009, they are hosting Yinka Shonibare, MBE: A Flying Machine for Every Man, Woman and Child and Other Astonishing Works. One Mango Tree market totes, neckties, originals and lunch bags are among the products you'll find in the museum store to complement the exhibition.

Just like Shonibare's work mocks colonial leadership in Africa, you can similarly mock "the man" by donning a One Mango Tree necktie at the office!

It's a great honor to be included as a part of this exhibition, and we're hoping to see a sustained One Mango Tree presence both at SBMA and other Shonibare exhibits around the world.

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