Tuesday, December 22, 2009

anena nassarine, tailor

Anena Nassarine, outside her home

In Acholi, the name 'Anena' means "to see" - and Anena Nassarine has to keep a steady eye on the fabrics and her scissors as she carefully cuts One Mango Tree patterns. Anena Nassarine is in charge of our cutting section, using patterns and a cutting machine to make sure our products are uniform in shape and quality. When she's finished cutting, she doles out the components to the other tailors to stitch on their Singer manual treadle machines.

Born in Bobi IDP camp, 20-year-old Anena Nassarine left the camp and moved to Gulu after receiving tailoring training from One Mango Tree in 2008. Her 3-year-old daughter still lives in the camp, cared for by her sister.

"I just want to earn money to help my family. I want a good family," she says.

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