Tuesday, January 26, 2010

have a heart

Aloyo Concy is by far our quickest tailor. Each morning she's early for work, and pulls her sewing machine out to the veranda. The separation from the usual production floor chatter helps her to focus. She's a single mom raising daughters, and she puts every shilling into bringing them up properly. When I saw her sitting on the couch on Saturday taking an uncharacteristic break, I asked what was wrong. "Nothing," she said, "only that the work is finished." She'd already sped ahead of the rest of the staff and sewn her batch of market totes for our current order.

A light bulb went off in my head, and I ran to our inventory to pull out scraps of our popular Autumn fabric. Concy and I sat down in the office and drew hearts until we found just the right shape. The past two days, she's been sewing and stuffing these little hearts with our fabric scraps and just enough of our relax herb mix to give off a pleasant scent. A perfect little Valentine's Day gift, from a lady with a really big heart - for both her work, and her family.

Watch for our Hearts on sale this February.

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