Saturday, August 7, 2010

EATS: The Classic 'Rolex'

And no, we don't mean the watch! One of the easiest and most delicious street foods you can find in Uganda is the classic 'Rolex.' There's something so appealing about a quick food with so many delicious surprises inside. For about .50 cents, you can pick up one of these babies and an entertaining conversation at most street corners.

Say hello to JOFFREY, my rolex-maker and bud.

"Madam, you take my photo"

These are the delicious pre-made bits of heaven that will soon be fried into chapati goodness. Here's a quick how-to on making chapati

Here's the goodness in action: warm chapati

Joffrey combines 2 eggs, slices of tomato, onion, green pepper, cabbage, and a pinch of salt and...

pours it, along with a bit of cooking oil, atop the metal fryer. (in jinja, I tried the most phenomenal and jazzed up alternative to the traditional rolex which substituted nutella and banana for eggs/vegetables)

Once the eggs and veggies are cooked properly, you toss it inside the fried chapati and rolled together into a hand-held treat.

Stephen enjoying the final product.


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Jessica Loiacono said...

There is nothing better than a rolex. Never fails to make me ill, but the taste is so worth it!


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