Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Interview with Sass Brown, author of Eco Fashion

How could you forget a name like Sass Brown?!
With a distinctive resume boasting time as a self-proclaimed fashion designer, a professor at the Fashion Institude of Technology in New York, and a fashion sustainability researcher, Sass knows a thing or two about ethical fashion. It's her desire to see others grasp and support eco fashion. We particularly appreciate her focus on the "range of community and indigenous support cooperatives bridging the gap between traditional craft and high fashion." She'll be releasing this beautiful new book Eco Fashion, published by Laurence King Publishing and it's hitting shelves in September (you can pre-order through now!)

Pierce Mattie PR did a stellar interview with Sass recently discussing her views on eco-fashion, international efforts, and her greatest sustainable finds.

On writing this new book, she noted:
"...despite the standard and success of many eco labels, I felt they still weren’t known by many students entering the industry, or for that matter professionals in the main stream fashion arena and hoped that the book would act as a means of exposing their work to a wider audience."
On the books' content, sustainability myths, and featuring global eco-fashion efforts, her publishing company includes:
"This book shows the range of companies making a difference in the area of sustainable design in fashion, exploding the myth that sustainable design is bad design, or at best basic design, by highlighting the range of companies producing desirable and well-designed apparel and accessories with a conscience. It not only demonstrates the range of products available around the globe, but explains the stories behind them and the communities they support, as well as showing how and where they make a difference."

(Read the FULL INTERVIEW...)

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