Friday, August 13, 2010

FEATURED: Ethical Knitting @ Mayu

Meet Kate Robertson. She began Mayu, a sweet and socially-conscious organization that is empowering artisans in Peru that produce these beautiful scarves and hand-knit hoodies/shawls (pictured below). Mayu is fair-trade certified (bam!) and celebrates ethical production.

Through Mayu, local Artisans are being given the opportunity to earn fair wages and become more independent while doing what they both enjoy and excel in - knitting. It's phenomenal to see the grassroots efforts across the globe - from Uganda to Peru - that aim, with humility and intentionality, to lift up local artisans. Kate, I bet we'd be great friends!

She has a fantastic story behind how she got to Peru and met the artisans she's currently working with. We encourage you to learn more about Mayu, how the products are made, and the ethical cornerstones of the organization!

In fact, as of today Kate is having an awesome giveaway you should know about! You can win a Mayu fair-trade Alpaca Hoodie (worth $180). See all the details here.


Megy Karydes said...

I have one of Mayu's "halfies" and I love it! You won't be disappointed with anything in this collection - it's gorgeous, high quality, and fair trade. Can't wait to see the new designs!

Kate said...

thanks, megy!

and, thanks to mango tree. i'd love a pair of mango tree's gauchos to wear with my red ruffle scarf. how cute would that be?!

kate robertson
founder, mayu


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