Thursday, September 2, 2010

Just spread the love to win our giveaway!

Who doesn't love to win things? We're having a 'Back to School' September Exclusive Giveaway and you're invited to join by tweeting or blogging about our stellar ladies. Could it get any easier?

Step ONE: Simply tweet or blog about us!
Step TWO: Just tag us with @OneMangoTree (twitter) or reply to this post with a link to your blog post and you're good to go.

Do this and you'll be in the running to have one of our ladies sew you a *brand new* Fall 2010 Weekender! It's not even on our website yet... that's right!

If you can't tell, we pretty excited to send this sweet thing to your doorstep...

So get to tweeting!


Ms.Droark said...!/profile.php?id=637197204

I don't have twitter but I do have facebook and I made my post there :)

Tasha B. said...

I LOVE what you are doing! I'm making and order, as well as sharing on my blog:

Ellen said...

Love it!


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