Friday, September 17, 2010

TGIF + Weekly Happenings (Sept 13th-17th)

1. Nassarine cutting fabric for a new fall order. Get ready, it's coming your way! 2. Each of our women receives a bicycle after 9 months of employment. Because many of them live in the villages miles away from our workshop, it's a tremendous help. 3. The ladies had their very first microfinance training with Stephen of Respond Renu. 4. We visited George and our friends/partners at Wawoto Cacel to see progress on the brand new fair-trade hand-loomed scarves we'll be launching for the Fall/Winter seasons!

It's truly been an INCREDIBLE week at the office. We're exhausted but full of hope. So many exciting things lie ahead. We're preparing booth designs for a handful of conferences and can't wait to get all our of new organic bags and apparel to your doorstep and into your closet. That's all! Expect lots more next week...

Love from all of us here in Uganda!

xo Lauranne

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