Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Making of Relax & Energize Eyepillows

She is a beautiful, strong woman that only speaks when she has something important and positive to say. However, she's also that quiet one that you'd never expect to crack the jokes that make all of us laugh. We love her and we're excited to introduce you to her... Meet Josephine.

When life is too much, put on some relaxing tunes, lay down and plop on a One Mango Tree eye pillow. These are sure to take you right from stress-face to bliss-land. Josephine and a handful of ladies worked on our Fall 2010 eye pillows today and we wanted to show you the making of.

The ladies measure and fill our eye pillows a sweet mixture of rice and organic herbs like lavender, lemon balm, marjoram

To be honest, I've never really had any sort of friendship with an eyepillow but when they were making these, I couldn't help but feel happy. I'm telling you, they smell good. I mean really good... in a subtle way.

When the size is right, they take them to the sewing machine for a last stitch...

On goes the One Mango Tree label and...

Voila! A sweet gift. Pick up a few and keep them around for a lazy day, a birthday, heck... any day! Always an excuse to relax and reflect. (P.S. Josephine stood so happily and patiently while I tested every tall stool in the workshop [and nearly fell to my death] to take this photo. We told you she's awesome!)

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Anonymous said...

I just bought an eye pillow at the Green Festival this weekend in D.C. It smells awesome! If only you could put a 'scratch and sniff' on a computer screen. It has all the serenety of lavendar and the addition of the other herbs makes for an earthier more complex smell that I never want to take away from my nose. Have you thought about tucking some of that fragrance into other products? Maybe in the lining of a coin purse...


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