Friday, March 4, 2011

Showcasing: Ajok Lucy

This is Ajok Lucy. She is one of the 8 women who got a new bike this week. During the war in Uganda she was abducted and lived in the bush. Lucy has three children and cares for her two younger sisters as well. She is 22 years old. She comes from a small village about an hour away from Gulu called Odek. Life was really different for her before she came to work at One Mango Tree.

When Lucy lived in Odek she was a farmer. Every morning she woke up early to dig, usually with a baby strapped to her back. In Odek she traded her harvests for a few other small things like salt, sugar, soap, clothes, and sometimes, if she was lucky, school fees. The biggest problem in Odek was getting enough money for school fees and getting clean water. Lucy hopes to earn enough money to buy her own sowing machine and build her own house. She also wants to buy a cow and chickens for fresh milk and eggs. Her dream is to learn how to make clothes and sell them.

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