Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Word About Our “Fair Trade” Model Policy:

As a company committed to following a fair trade model, we are committed to seeing that no unjust action is involved, that there is no child labor, and that each person in the creating process is paid a fair wage. Equally, we want to see that our customers are paying a fair price for the products they receive.

But we believe in following the fair trade model, not just because we want you to pay a fair price. It is the way we do our business, where the objective is not “profit-at-any-cost”, but helping women in Uganda rise out of war-tarn communities and families to escape poverty and promote sustainability.

We look at business as a tool to support people, by providing training to artisans, helping our women improve their skills, strengthening their business skills through loans and savings education and practice, and strengthening their social impact.

Our hope is that our commitment to Fair Trade will inspire you to get involved with One Mango Tree, support our women by buying our products and spread the word through Twitter, Facebook, blogs, word-of-mouth, or whatever outlets you may have. It is our joy to provide you with handmade products directly from our women in the workshop in Gulu and that as you enjoy your products you will spend time on our site getting to know each of the women who handcraft your items.

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