Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sneak Peak: New Fabrics for the Spring Line!

We can’t wait to start creating. Be on the look-out for our new bags, clutches, coin purses, aprons, yoga bags, and more!

GINKGO – This fabric is named after a living fossil of mainly extinct trees.

LAKSHMI – This vibrant, red fabric was named for the goddess of health, wealth, wisdom, and fertility -- the beloved of India. Wherever you go in Uganda you will find merchants, store owners, and prominent Indian people.

COWRY – This name comes from the small white shells used for ceremonial purposed in Uganda, found easily in the market places and homes of the villagers.

NALUBAALE – This is an another name for Lake Victoria, signifying the importance and scarcity of water in Uganda.

MANDALA – The name for this one comes from the Sanskrit word for circle, used in Hindu and Buddhism. Most of the religious art takes a sacred Mandala form.


Roxanne said...

Gingko and Mandala are my favorites! Cannot wait to see what you do with them.

Delphina Namata Musisi said...

I'm happy that you made the effort to understand the meaning behind the fabrics and their names. However, Nalubaale does not symbolise the scarcity of water as we (the tribe of Buganda who named Lake Victoria Naluubale) are situated on the shore of the second biggest lake in the world.

Nalubaale is/was perceived to be a powerful force/spirit (Mother Nature type of thing). Even our greeting is based on the state of the lake

Again, thank you for looking beyond the pretty.


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