Friday, March 18, 2011

Things We Love: Mata Traders

Mata Traders are an inspiration to us 1. because they are fair trade and 2. because their clothes are gorgeous! Mata Traders empowers women economically through teaching them skills and giving them work in an attempt to transform communities and combat poverty. All of their clothing are fair trade and handmade by women in India and Nepal. They use traditional art forms and skills to create incredible products and a better world for the artisans.

The founders names are Maureen and Michelle. All of their products are designed in Chicago, where they live, and then made in local village communities. Their desire is to empower women and to be transparent with their customers about where the products are coming from. 

One of their main goals is to design products that make a women look and feel GREAT -- and they do an excellent job with that. Its a full circle, one women in America empowering a women in a developing country by buying the dress and a woman in India empowering the women in America because it makes them feel great. A reciprocating relationship. 

Michelle and Maureen are understanding about the need to make a competitive product and allow the fair trade factor to be the "icing on the cake" allowing the customers to feel extra good about what they are purchasing. 

You can also see them featured on Ebay's World of Good!

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