Sunday, January 17, 2010

adokorach monica, tailor

Adokorach Monica, left, with Elvin and Becky

Not far from One Mango Tree's workshop is the homestead where Adokorach Monica was born and where she still lives along with her mother, five brothers, and three sisters - a fine example of expanded family sharing resources and maintaining close family ties. Huge mango trees shade several traditional thatch-roof huts, spaciously placed to accommodate the adult families (her youngest sibling is a teenage boy); the bare dirt between the huts is swept to clean perfection, African style landscaping!

Adokorach Monica, 24, is the mother of a six-year-old boy, Elvin, and caretaker of a three-year-old girl named Becky. When she is not busy, Monica enjoys playing soccer – or football, as it’s called here.

Adokorach Monica was already sewing garments for clients of Auma Lucy’s tailor shop when One Mango Tree gave her a full-time job. She says, “One Mango Tree has helped me a lot. I am making more money now, and they help me with school fees.” She also enjoys the camaraderie of the women and appreciates that her savings account is a start toward her dream of owning land and building a house. “Why would you ever want to leave this wonderful place?” we asked. “So I’ll have a place for my son to live and to build his home someday.”

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