Tuesday, January 19, 2010

adong kevin, tailor

Adong Kevin, left, with baby Aber Juliet

Adong Kevin, age 19, is enjoying motherhood and doesn’t seem to mind at all that infant daughter Aber Juliet comes to work with her every day. Skilled at juggling her sewing tasks with frequent breastfeeding time-outs, Adong Kevin sits happily at her sewing machine for hours with her baby strapped to her back, Ugandan style, or sleeping nearby.

To get to work, she bicycles four to five miles over bumpy, traffic-filled roads – and, yes, it’s with a baby tied to her back. At home, her family is larger than it sounds. She and her carpenter husband, Odong Geoffrey, care for three other children whose father is dead and whose mother is in a village some distance away; the children live with them in Gulu in order to attend school.

Adong Kevin, who enjoys playing netball, dancing, and entertaining friends, is one of One Mango Tree’s more experienced tailors; she was already sewing in the Gulu local market before OMT started production. She’s happy that now she is earning a larger income at One Mango Tree and hopes to save enough to buy land and build a home.

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