Sunday, January 17, 2010

we know our status. do you?

On Friday, One Mango Tree was converted into a mobile HIV/AIDS testing center. The Visions in Action (VIA) clinic set up shop on our front proch, and our apparel section was changed into a private counseling room. CP and Josephine, social workers with Visions in Action, spent the morning with our tailors, providing quick-tests and individual counseling to share results and discuss HIV prevention.

The ladies were thrilled to be tested, and VIA made it very easy by bringing testing into the workplace. Once everyone was tested, VIA passed out condoms, posters and leaflets on HIV awareness. They'll be back in three months to provide a follow-up session, and helping the women to get used to a regular routine for getting tested.

They'll also be back to provide a family planning session - a welcome lesson for our tailors who just gave birth and want to learn to space their children.

Visions in Action provides free HIV/AIDS testing and outreach in Northern Uganda. They will test and counsel 10,000 individuals per month in 2010.

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