Wednesday, January 13, 2010

origin uganda. crafted by hand.

In partnership with COMPETE, USAID's East African Competitiveness and Trade Expansion Program, One Mango Tree is organizing Origin Uganda. Crafted by Hand.

The event is a private reception for Ugandan Government officials and other civil society members - to show the diversity and beauty of crafts being produced in Uganda. We're aiming to illustrate that handicrafts are a viable export industry that can create sustainable jobs for women in Uganda.

There are a lot of barriers to export for craft groups here, one of which being the high cost of exporting - namely shipping and duties - and what can be a very difficult process in taking all the appropriate steps to operate legally as an exporter.

Origin Uganda is a big first step to bring together the African Growth and Opportunities Act (AGOA) office, Ministry of Trade and Industry, and other key players - so that we can show off the amazing products being made by artisans around their country, and make it easier for other groups to enter the global market for handmade products.

For our part, One Mango Tree is working with COMPETE and the Government of Uganda to apply for Category 9 exception from the US Dept of Commerce. This exception allows handmade textiles to qualify for duty-free status, allowing artisans using these fabrics to increase competitiveness in their pricing.

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