Wednesday, November 10, 2010

'Empowerment' made real.

Over the past six weeks, our ladies have completed an incredible Financial training course and have begun their own Village Savings and Loans Association (VSLA). Fancy terms aside, it's one of the many beautiful ways that their incomes from sewing and creating are being multiplied and yet another way that YOUR purchases are transforming lives here in northern Uganda. Simply put: empowerment is truly being made real at One Mango Tree... read further to hear the exciting news!

In the span of these six financial trainings, our ladies have saved over ONE MILLION shillings (about $500) as a VSLA group. AMAZING! We were told this is pretty extraordinary for a beginning group... so proud of the ladies and excited to see how their savings will continue to empower their futures.


xo lauranne

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kk said...

my goodness. i just looked at the photos of all the women on your 'who made my bag' page, and i fell in love with what you all are doing. even more so than when i first received a gift from one mango tree.

keep on keeping on. you are doing fantastic work! thanks for giving these women names and faces. it makes what you- and they- are doing even more powerful.


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