Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Re-usable Shopper Tote only $10

As I was walking to the market this afternoon, I was completely in awe of the fall colors around me. This past weekend was surely the peak of fall foliage for Washington, DC, but today's breeze made it seem like the air was filled with color. Not unusually, the beauty made me think of Uganda, and the soft golden light just before sunset in Gulu.

One of our newest products, the Shopper Totes are inspired by fall's incredible color, with sweet messages that really speak to how we at One Mango Tree feel about fair trade. My personal favorite features a beautiful golden fall leaf which reads:

That belief is pretty much at the core of what we do at One Mango Tree. At only $10, our Shopper Totes make great gifts - the office holiday party, a friend moving into a new place, etc. Each tote makes sure we're keeping the One Mango Tree ladies working, and always creating new jobs for other women in Northern Uganda. Help us get the word out by buying, sharing and carrying one of our One Mango Tree Shopper Totes - and then when people ask about your bag, you'll be part of the story too!

xo Halle

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