Friday, November 12, 2010

Just spread the love to win our NOVEMBER giveaway!

Friends, we've got a NOVEMBER GIVEAWAY for you!
Just in time for the Holidays...

Our Winter 2010 Handloomed Scarf in Eggplant

One lucky winner will receive a small, sweet package from our ladies in Uganda with one of our *brand new* EGGPLANT HAND-LOOMED SCARVES ($26 value) tucked inside. We're not ashamed to say we've been drooling over it for months! Each is unique, limited edition, and woven right here in northern Uganda. So, if you don't manage to grab one before they run out, you can win yours' right here. Oh, and if this deal couldn't get any sweeter: shipping's on us!

Enough of the sweet talk, here's how you can win!

Step ONE: Simply tweet or blog about us! Link this this giveaway.
Step TWO: Just tag us with @OneMangoTree (twitter or facebook)

Do this and you'll be in the running to win the apple of our affection, our One Mango Tree Winter 2010 Handloomed Scarf in Eggplant!

If you can't tell, we pretty excited to send this sweet thing to your doorstep...

So get to tweeting!


kkfoster35 said...

I tweeted this giveaway!/allthingsAVON/status/3117222176231424

kkfoster35 at msn dot com

kkfoster35 said...

I tagged you in a tweet ;.0!/allthingsAVON/status/3117669804941312

kkfoster35 at msn dot com

hmb said...

Thank you @kkfoster35 - keep tweeting! There's no limit to your entries, so spread the love!

intime said...!/intime111/status/5789943746007040 tweet intime111

kkfoster35 said...



kkfoster35 at msn dot com

Terry said...

I tweeted plus retweeted


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